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Miling and turning CNC

At the tool room we specialize in mold and tools for in-house production as well as pay the service of milling and turning – CNC and conventional of steel, non-iron metals and plastic. The blow molds and other tools will be made acording to the order and documentation provided by the Customer.

Certification of our operatiors and inginiers and pfofesional software CAD/CAM /Cax (Siemens NX) confirm our commitment to delivering the best results possible.


Milling CNC
  • work area - X-axis max /Y-axis max /Z-axis max 800/650/560mm.
  • max speed – 18000 rpm
  • max. work piece weight 500kg.
Turning CNC
  • max dimeter Ø500mm
  • max length 500mm

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