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About us

AKM Majewski is a Polish manufacturer of rubber and rubber-metal elements. Our services embrace both: fast growing number of car parts easy available from stock, as well as low-quantity production on request.

We are in position to control the whole production process:

  • the project preparation or adaptation
  • projecting and preparation of tools, including molds in inhouse tool room well equiped in CNC mills (VMC) and CNC lathes
  • sample production
  • tests of sample products
  • production of the final product
  • packaging and branding under AKM Majewski or Customer brand

Our main field of operations is production of rubber-metal components for car suspension systems. In our range of goods you will find over 1000 following product:

  • rubber-metal bushes / sleeves / silentblocks - 200 types available
  • cushions of rod stabilizer / anti roll bar bush - 200 types available
  • rubber buffer and bellow of control arms and shock absorbers - 100 types available
  • rubber-metal pressure disks for leaf springs - 100 type available
  • przekładki gumowo-metalowe do resorów - 100 produktów
  • rubber bushes - 40 models available
  • exhaust rubber mounts - 50 types available
  • rubber–metal cushions - 50 types available
  • other accessories - 100 types available
  • others

Why to choose AKM Majewski:

  • 36 years of experience in rubber automotive spare parts production
  • experience in low-quantiti on request orders
  • regular supplier to leading Polish motorization warehouses
  • long term cooperation with well-known leaf springs manufactures
  • well established list of rubber and metal suppliers
  • in-house tool room and experienced team

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 +48 501 374 972